PDWELL is offering an educational workshop based on the book Every Victory Counts from the Davis Phinney Foundation. This is a nine-week workshop that focuses on living well with Parkinson’s. It’s being offered two times a week and is open to anyone with Parkinson’s, their caregivers or any other person that provides care to Persons with PD. We are getting the word out about PDWELL and the workshop through support groups, visiting PD specific exercise classes in Omaha, as well as informing health care providers to the Parkinson’s community. Participants will be going through the interactive lessons on topic such as Parkinson’s symptoms, exercise and nutrition, assembling a wellness team, and navigating your Parkinson’s with your care partner.

Other educational workshops will be developed that will be both on going like Every Victory Counts and a Parkinson’s “boot camp” for the newly diagnosed. We are planning other special events such as physician presentations and special topics of interest such as Nutrition and PD, Current Research in PD, etc.

Another component of education that PDWELL will be providing is professional level education. Currently, we have two CEU courses that have been developed and will be held in October and November in Omaha, NE: Gait impairments and Parkinson’s Disease for PT’s and PTA’s and Dual Tasking and Parkinson’s disease for PT’s, OT‘s, and SLP’s. In November, Practical Approaches to the Assessment and Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease will be offered in San Antonio, Texas for PT/PTA/OT and COTA’s.