Every Victory Counts Workshop Series

The inaugural event for PDWELL is a 9 week workshop series going through the curriculum for the book “Every Victory Counts:” “Every Victory Counts” is a resource book provided through the Davis Phinney Foundation that is designed to help those with Parkinson’s Disease LIVE WELL with Parkinson’s. Each section is designed to help the participant better understand Parkinson’s Disease as well as learn how to actively manage it. The topics include: Actively Participate in your Parkinson’s Care, Parkinson’s Symptoms, Parkinson’s Mind-Body Connection, Medical and Surgical Therapies, Assembling Your Wellness Team, Exercise and Nutrition, Navigating Your Parkinson’s with Your Care Partner, Advocating for Yourself and Actively Taking Charge of your Care, and Reflecting on Moments of Victory and Setting Future Goals.

I have found the information that Cheri provides to be unique and applicable to those of us with PD. The content of the course from the Davis Phinney Foundation is state-of-the-art. Most powerful & helpful to all of us who attend is sharing our knowledge.

Dave Ciaccio

Each topic is being offered twice per week on Monday’s at 2 pm and Thursdays and 7 pm and consists of discussions, small group work and resource education related to the topic. In addition to this, PDWELL has at its heart the importance of each event they host being multi-faceted and fostering exercise, education and community. Each week, the attendees are taught a PDMOVE and PDVOICE exercise, and a PDMIND (mindfulness exercise) in addition to the education they are receiving and the community they are building through sharing and learning from each other.