Research shows that intense exercise is the only way to stall/change/interrupt the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. We provide a safe place and innovative techniques to interrupt the course of PD.

Skilled Therapy Services

Our skilled therapy services include physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and speech language pathology (SLP). These therapy services are primarily Parkinson’s-specific but also cover patients with neurological diagnoses. We also provide care for other PwPD (person with Parkinson’s Disease) injuries such as orthopedic injuries from falling. In addition to Parkinson’s care, PDWELL therapists are available to treat issues facing caregivers, such as back pain.

PDWELL therapists are specifically trained in Parkinson’s assessment and treatment. Certifications include:

  • Speak Out! (SLP)
  • Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery PWR! (PT/OT)
  • DualTask Training  (PT/OT/SLP)
  • Parkinson’s Foundation Allied Team Training in Parkinson’s  (PT)

What is SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd?

SPEAK OUT! Is a therapy program specifically designed for people with Parksinon’s Disease to improve their voicing. While the primary focus of the program is voice and communication, the musculature of swallowing is also addressed in the exercises. In this program speech is transformed from an automatic function to an intentional task. The program is usually completed in 12 sessions spanning across 4 weeks. Following these sessions, the pt then transitions to the LOUD Crowd. In the four week span, patients report improvement in their speaking, their ability to be heard and understood, and in their overall quality of life.

LOUD Crowd is the group therapy part of the program. It meets once per week (daily options for LOUD Crowd are offered in our organization ). These sessions provide maintenance for skills obtained during SPEAK OUT! They provide a source of support, camaraderie, and improve quality of life. PDWell offers LOUD Crowd at no charge for all graduates of SPEAK OUT! We offer live LOUD Crowd options as well as virtual options.

The SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd therapy regimens were developed at the Parkinson Voice Project in Richardson TX. You can visit their website here:

I have Parkinson’s Disease. When should I begin seeing a speech therapist?

According to studies up to 89% of people with Parkinson’s Disease develop difficulty communicating and up to 95% develop difficulty swallowing throughout the course of the disease. To prevent and postpone this decline, it is optimal to begin speech therapy as soon as possible. Participation in SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd can change the effect that Parkinson’s Disease has on the voice. Muscles become weak in Parkinson’s Disease because they are not used to their full capacity. SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd requires exercise and use of the muscles to their full capacity to prevent decline.

What costs are associated with these services?

We will bill your insurance for SPEAK OUT! Treatment services provided. Please check with your insurance to determine a co-pay or any cost associated with these services.

LOUD Crowd is a FREE service offered at PDWell.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to request an observation of our LOUD Crowd!