Research shows that intense exercise is the only way to stall/change/interrupt the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. We provide a safe place and innovative techniques to interrupt the course of PD.

Skilled Therapy Services

Our skilled therapy services include physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and speech language pathology (SLP). These therapy services are primarily Parkinson’s-specific but also cover patients with neurological diagnoses. We also provide care for other PwPD (person with Parkinson’s Disease) injuries such as orthopedic injuries from falling. In addition to Parkinson’s care, PDWELL therapists are available to treat issues facing caregivers, such as back pain.

PDWELL therapists are specifically trained in Parkinson’s assessment and treatment. Certifications include:

  • Speak Out! (SLP)
  • Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery PWR! (PT/OT)
  • DualTask Training  (PT/OT/SLP)
  • Parkinson’s Foundation Allied Team Training in Parkinson’s  (PT)